Meet The Characters

Zurylia: The Queen Jaded By Time

“I should serve his head on a silver platter and decorate his silky blond hair with crimson fruit.

Sprinkle some salt in those dazzling blue eyes and watch them burn. But then again, if his head was detached from his body, it would not precisely hurt, and what would be the fun in that? 

Maybe I should add the salt first.”

Calstar: The Fae Out Of Time

“It clicked; he was a peacock parading its feathers. He wanted to be slobbered over. 

I smirked internally. 

“H-hello, I… I am Zurilya,” I said softly. My voice trembled like a flustered maiden.

His smug smile widened in pride. “You are in the presence of Calstar.” He held his right hand out, like a magician revealing his most prized trick. “I know it can be quite overwhelming, but please, feel at ease.”

“I am sorry… I am just not used to being in front of someone—”

“So dashingly handsome, I know.” His broad chest puffed. “Do not apologize, it’s hard for any female to resist such perfection.”

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